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Life is a journey

I prefer to think of my patients and myself as traveling together, a term that blurs the distinction between “them” (the sufferers) and “us” (the healers).

Irvin D. Yalom Writer, psychiatrist, professor emeritus

Baby spielt mit Rechenschieber

We all have a starting point

from which we start

to explore the world and

to find our very own way

in life.

Not all of us know where the journey is going, and yet most of us know what we want to leave behind.

Man Wandern in der Natur

There are travelers who like to explore the world all by themselves and then there are others who like to travel the world together.

Every junction and intersection poses the question of where we actually want to go.

While some know their way and make quick decision, others might pause and wonder.

Alter Globus

No matter where you are on your life path and what next steps you are thinking about, you might want to talk to a tour guide to make sure you stay on track.

A consultation can serve to appreciate your itinerary, to consider your next travel destinations or to choose a suitable travel companion.

Whether you have lost your way, or just found yourself at a complicated crossroads, now might be the right time to look at it together.

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