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My Philosophy

As your tour guide, it is very important to me to offer you a space in which you have the opportunity to talk about what is important to you in an appreciative and accepting atmosphere. Regardless of whether there is an issue to be worked on or perhaps just curiosity for a new perspective.

My Background

As a licensed psychological psychotherapist and coach, who is familiar with both behavioral therapy and systemic therapy, I can focus entirely on you, both methodically and personally. On my way through life I was able to gain experience in different countries and cultures and I have a particularly rich experience in the German, American and Russian cultures and national languages. My professional experience includes the management of a psychiatric day clinic, work in clinical research in several countries and institutions, lecturing for university institutions, as well as  training of young psychotherapists. At the present time, I have published over 50 scientific publications in the field of psychiatry and clinical psychology in international peer-reviewed journals, as well as co-authored book chapters. An overview of my articles can be found here.

My career


NIS Hanover

Training as a systemic consultant and therapist.


Hannover Medical School

Psychological director of the List psychiatric day clinic center.


Hannover Medical School

Lecturer in psychiatry and psychotherapy for medical students.


Hannover Medical School

Doctorate in Human Biology (Dr. rer. biol. hum.)


Hannover Medical School

Training and residency as a psychological psychotherapist with a focus on cognitive behavioral therapy.


Yale University


Postgraduate Associate


University of Heidelberg

Diploma in Psychology

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